Workers' Compensation Claim Audit

Since 1979, National Insurance Application Systems, Inc. has focused solely on developing automated systems to lower workers' compensation premiums. These efforts, in conjunction with two nationally known insurance companies, resulted in the development of a unique workers' compensation cost control data system called AcuComp.

Today, NIAS Inc. is the only nationwide company offering a complete turn key workers' compensation cost control data system with a support group, which has proven to lower workers' compensation premiums an average of 27 percent.

Fox/Everett, in partnership with National Insurance Application Systems (NIAS) and AcuComp, can provide the following cost saving measure to qualified policyholders:

Claim Audits

No matter how hard you try, and no matter what programs you implement (safety engineering, drug free workplace, managed care, safety programs. etc.), it's just a fact of life that claims will still occur. The key is to keep the claims, and especially the excess reserves, at a minimum. There are regulatory, tax and business pressures that force insurance carriers to post high reserves resulting in even higher premiums for employers. NIAS can audit each large claim to minimize reserves and to keep them at a reasonable and current level. NIAS, as an auditing division of Fox/Everett, has the expertise to do this with authority and success. Over the years, reserve reductions averaging 20% to 30% have been the "norm". Fox/Everett’s clients have seen an average of 30 points lower.