TPA Services

Fox/Everett began paying medical claims for Pan America in 1966.

In 1979, Fox/Everett became Mississippi's first Third Party Claims Administrator. 

We presently provide administrative services to a wide range of employers.

Our TPA staff of over forty, led by Larry Vance, is committed to creativity, client service and investment in leading-edge programs.  Fox/Everett strives to continue to be the "Best in Class" of TPAs.

Some of our accomplishments are:

  • Continued enhancement of our state-of-the-art claims and administration platform including sophisticated edits and comprehensive internal and external reporting capabilities
  • Successful implementation of interactive website for clients, participants and providers which is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for eligibility,    claim and benefit information
  • Growth in our client base of over 20% and retention of 100% of our customers
  • Implementation of new client reporting software providing significant standard and ad hoc reporting capabilities

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