Our Mission

At Fox/Everett, Inc., our mission encompasses a five-fold responsibility: to our clients, to our community, to our employees, to our stockholders, and to our partners and the companies we represent.  We are committed to maintaining these responsibilities in balance.


We are committed to delivering innovative consultative and insurance solutions based on a thorough understanding of your needs and our collective knowledge of the industry. With complete coverage, competitive pricing, and unwavering service, we strive to remain worthy of our clients’ confidence and trust.


We are responsible for making a contribution of our time, effort, and resources to the best of our abilities. We encourage all of our employees to be good citizens and we strive to be responsible members of the community.


We pledge to maintain a pleasant and harmonious professional working environment conducive to personal growth and development. We support and invite our employees to provide input regarding their work environment. We believe that competitive salaries, good benefits, job security, and training are the cornerstones of favorable professional relationships. Management will perform their responsibilities in a professional and efficient manner while striving for the continued confidence of our employees.


We are responsible for the current and long-term profit of our business. We are committed to securing our collective future through the continued construction of a thriving agency with an accelerated rate of growth.


We offer a partnership in the development and maintenance of quality, profitable clients and insurance risks. Above all, we pledge honesty and integrity.