When you're in the market for corporate aviation insurance, Fox/Everitt has you covered. Our experienced team of individuals are committed to supporting your flight operation with world-class insurance solutions.

Whether whisking that prized client to a West Coast sporting event, or as a necessity that your business depends on, a corporate jet or light aircraft requires very specific coverage. Making sure you're covered before taking off is essential. We offer solutions that cover a wide range of components, including:

  • Insuring the Pilot
  • Insuring the Aircraft
  • Passengers and Passenger Injury
  • Onboard Valuable
  • External Damage

No matter how you use your aircraft, our team can craft a policy with the specific coverage you need. Aviation insurance can provide coverage for hull losses as well as liability for any environmental or third-party damage caused by aircraft accidents.

Fox/Everett will work with you to supply a custom package that will cover all aspects of your aircraft and onboard passengers. You are in possession of a great asset; don't take chances with your aviation insurance plan! When you take to the skies with Fox/Everitt behind you, you can enjoy the ride with complete confidence and trust.

 To learn more, or to have any of your specific concerns addressed, please contact us.